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Horse Lover's Camp

Horse Lover’s

Welcome to Horse Lover’s Camp at Heart Bar Ranch! This is a place for girls to explore their love of horses. It is a place of fun, challenge, learning and adventure, where girls who love horses can compare the dream of having a horse of their own with the reality of day to day “horse-keeping”.


Curriculum Heart Bar Ranch provides a safe, yet challenging, environment. The program teaches the sound fundamentals of beginning horsemanship.  Campers share in the daily care and feeding of the horses. Campers gain skill, knowledge and awareness. Confidence soars and enjoyment and friendships flourish. Lessons are structured for fun, safety and skill development. Campers may ride English or Western.  In addition to classes in the arena, there are vaulting lessons (gymnastics on horseback), trail rides, games, theory and videos. 

Structure Each camp session is limited to six campers to ensure individual attention and full potential for skill development.  Facilities include arenas, working pens, and extensive fields and trails.  Campers are housed in a snug bunkhouse and eat in the main cabin.  Heart Bar Ranch provides instruction, accommodation, meals, horses, tack and safety helmets. 

2008 Summer Camp Schedule

2008 Camp Schedule

Prices are in Canadian funds.

  May 3 and May 10 Day Camp (2 Saturdays) $225 Cdn
  May 4 and May 11 Day Camp (2 Sundays) $225 Cdn
  May 17 - 19 Wrangler / Packer course for Adults with Andy Anderson $450 Cdn
  May 24 and 25 Day camp (2 days) $225 Cdn
  May 31 and June 1 Day camp (2 days) $225 Cdn
  June 7 and 14 Day camp (Saturdays) $225 Cdn
  June 15 - 19 4 day overnight $600 Cdn
  June 22 - 28 Challenge camp: 6 day overnight $900 Cdn
  June 30 - July 4 4 day overnight     $600 Cdn
  July 6 - 10 4 day overnight $600 Cdn
  July 13 - 15 2 day overnight $300 Cdn
  July 21 - 25 4 day overnight $600 Cdn
  July 28 - August 1 Trail Camp: 4 day overnight $600 Cdn
  August 3 - 9 6 day overnight $900 Cdn
  August 11 - 15 4 day overnight $600 Cdn  
  August 18 - 22 4 day overnight $600 Cdn  
  August 29 - Sep 1 3 day overnight $450 Cdn  
  Age 8 - 11 or 12 - 14. Camps will be designated by age groups according to interest. Some mixed age camps are allowed to accommodate friends and family that wish to attend together. Overnight camps operate from 5:30 pm on the first scheduled date to 5:30 pm on the last scheduled date. Day camps operate from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on the scheduled days and are open to boys and girls. (All times are Yukon time)
  Trail Camp has an emphasis on trail riding and packing skills. There will be an introduction to horse packing and trail etiquette. There will be no vaulting and minimal arena riding in this camp. Trail Camp is reserved for campers 11 and over with two previous camps at Heart Bar Ranch or comparable experience.

Challenge Camp is a chance for campers serious about improving their skills to explore different disciplines in horsemanship. Challenge camp is reserved for campers 11 and older who have been to 3 or more previous camps or have a comparable level of experience. Contact Gail for details.


The Introduction to Wrangling and Packing for Adults takes place Victoria Day Weekend at Heart Bar Ranch. Bring your own horse or use one of ours. Head instructor for this course is Andy Anderson. Practice wrangling and packing skills to prepare for camping with your horse. Plan to overnight with the horses Sunday night. Course runs 9 to 5 Saturday and 9 am Sunday to 5 pm Monday with an overnight pack trip with the horses. Contact Gail for details and enrollment information.



1. Call Gail to check availability and verbally reserve a space.
2. Print out forms A, B and C from link at right. Fill out forms completely.
(Please note that insurance company requires Gail's signature as witness to parent or guardian's signature on Liability Waiver. If this is not possible a notary public's signature is acceptable.)

3. Send deposit (50% cost of camp) with completed forms to following address:

A .Application for Enrollment

B. Conditions and Activity Rules

C. Liability Waiver

Acrobat Reader

Heart Bar Ranch
P.O. Box 20712
Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 7A2 Canada

More Information

Gail Riederer

CHA Certified Level IV Western, Level III English, Level I Instructor of Riders with Disabilities and Overnight Guide

Camp Director/Owner

I welcome the opportunity to provide additional information and answer your questions.  References are available upon request.